E12: A Happy Meal For Your Boy

In this episode, we hear about the team knocking on doors and having screenings of the movie. Danny Peña was using every ounce of influence he had tapped into friends, family, and his connection with CBS radio.

The film premiered on March 22, 2017, at the Tampa Theatre in Florida. From there we had screenings in Miami, New York City (at CBS), and more. Once again the crew was on the road, making connections, spreading their message, and building buzz for when the podcast would be available on iTunes.

This episode features Danny Peña, Director Niel Guilarte and Executive Producer Chris Krimitsos.

You will hear the behind the scenes of getting your movie onto iTunes. You will hear why it’s not available world-wide.

You will also hear Niel’s reaction to seeing his movie in iTunes for the first time.

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