Danny Peña invited the crew to his home in Miami where Gamertag Radio was founded. They expected to get a terrific interview with a leader in his field (and they did), but they never expected to become part of the family as well. On the day of the shoot, Danny’s family was all over the house awaiting the crew’s arrival, and Danny’s father, José Daniel Peña even catered in food for the crew! The filmmakers experienced what was far and away the warmest hospitality of any leg of the shoot.

On the way to the hotel that night, the crew decided to get gas even though they had a quarter tank left. Moments after they pulled into the station, the car that had been behind them for over a mile rear-ended another car at the next light. Had they not stopped when they did, that car would have hit theirs, destroying all the filming gear they’d packed in the back of their car.

Chris took it as a sign that guardian angels were watching over them, and the movie needed to be seen by others!

Behind-The-Scenes Trivia

Podcasting v. Radio

Early in the production process, the filmmakers knew that no story about podcasting as an emerging medium could be complete without at least addressing the traditional radio side of the equation. Luckily, radio veteran (and podcaster, too) P. Desmond Adams was available to speak to radio’s role in the development of podcasting, and provided sharp contrast to Libsyn’s Rob Walch.