Ocala & Jacksonville

The crew’s first road trip was to Ocala, Florida to film Glenn the Geek at Horse Radio Network Headquarters! Glenn is the largest broadcaster in the horse niche with 13 shows that are a part of his network. He was an amazing host. The only problem with Glenn was that he gets up at 4 a.m. – a real challenge for the crew, a cast of dedicated night owls!

Leaving Ocala, the crew drove up to film the team at Buzzsprout, a company that hosts audio for podcasters, at a park in downtown Jacksonville. The backdrop was one of the most beautiful of the entire film! It was surreal how vivid the colors were.

While conducting interviews, Niel Guilarte decided to take his drone ICEMAN out for a spin. The shots were breathtaking.

Behind-The-Scenes Trivia

The Mystery of The Disappearing Van

If you wonder why in the film, Lily Wong is inexplicably podcasting out of a van, there is a reason. Lily has long asserted that anyone can podcast from anywhere. To illustrate this point, the crew filmed Lily in the van, and that footage remains in the final edit, even though an exterior establishing shot of the van was cut because the editors thought it “looked creepy.”