Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Glenn The Geek

Gleen the Geek

Horse Radio Network

What was your first impression of the film crew and the process of being interviewed?

Video is so much harder and takes so much longer than audio. I did have a blast and the crew made it so easy.

What did you learn about filming?

It takes a long time to get things right. The time is what impressed me the most.  Plus, it convinced me to never get into video.

What did you expect prior to viewing the movie?

I wasn’t sure what the tone or angle was going to be. I also wasn’t sure how you make a bunch of geeks sitting at home in front of microphones look interesting!

What did it feel like to see your peers’ reactions at Podfest during the first run screening?

I might have cried a little.

What impact do you think this movie will have?

I am hoping that it increases awareness to the masses and makes people realize that there is a whole new exciting world at their fingertips.  

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